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How is yakeli furniture glue?

acrylic furniture
acrylic furniture
2, All the acrylic plate in the erosion of the adhesive will be left when the traces of difficult to remove, so you can use stickers to protect the way to stick to the site.
3, The amount of adhesive must be based on the specific size of the product used, too much use of adhesive will make the sticky surface can not be completely painted, or in the adhesive curing shrink into the air and affect the appearance. In addition, if the uneven coating, such as grease, dust or air bubbles and other bubbles caused by adhesion, you can use the cleaning method to be removed.
4, The direct hair will make the edge of the adhesive surface due to the rapid evaporation of the adhesive and white, so can not let the acrylic products directly to the bonding surface of the hair. In addition, if the bonded products by the direct sunlight for a long time will make acrylic products in varying degrees of yellowing, will seriously affect the appearance of acrylic products.
5, The stress on the surface of the acrylic plate and the cutting surface caused by cutting the surface stress and degradation products will affect the bonding effect of acrylic panels, of course, the choice of adhesive is also an important factor affecting the bonding.
Above simple for everyone to introduce the acrylic processing process need to pay attention to some of the skills of bonding, acrylic plate bonding process is mainly affected by two aspects: First, the applicability of the adhesive itself; Second, Bonding operation skills.
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