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Did you know acrylic transmits more light than glass?

Choose to be resistant, transparent, light, mouldable and recycled. Choose plexiglass.
Acrylic ,also known as plexiglass, and the key words are crystal clear, diamond clear, glass cear because acrylic is as transparent as crystal.
Did you know acrylic transmits more light than glass? It's also lighter ,uvresistant and recyclable
Below is one of our main products.
Fully functional yet elegant , glamorous,
Acrylic Organizers
are so versatile to fit any of your beauty essential needs. Makes perfect gifts for your loved ones this festive season.
Knowing where all your cosmetics are will save you loads of time in the mornings or when you getting ready for a special event. Laying your makeup out and keeping it organized in an easy to access area will make doing a 5 minute face so easy. There will be no more fishing in makeup bags and drawers for the products.
It's also so important to keep rotating your makeup contents.
"You need to clear the Soul. "
It's like they say out of sight, out if mind.. Right?
If are storing your makeup products in bags etc, the odds of you not utilizing your collection to it's fullest potential is so high.
That's where our acrylic organizers come in use, they are Outlined Acrylic Units with the design of multi-drawer/trays that are high quality and allows you to see your entire collection at one glance, so you no longer sifting through ton of different tubes, lipsticks and compacts looking for one specific shade. Once they are easily organized by color or brand, you can find exactly what you looking for in no time. It's pretty amazing!
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