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What are the common manufacturing techniques for the acrylic display stand?

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The acrylic display racks on the market are dazzling, and there are places where there is a need for display. But we also know how much of its production process is. Let's explain it today with a (MAETOH) show!

Acrylic display stands are mainly made of Acrylic plates. The common processes are as follows:

1. Sawing processing: The cutting material can be processed with a saw, and it can be cut straight or it can be cut and bent. Use a special saw blade, the cutting effect will be even better.

2. Hot cutting: When the cutting course bends the complex acrylic, it can be cut with a hot-cut saw. However, the edge of the acrylic cut by hot-cutting is thick and uneven, so the hot-cut forming can only be rough-embryo processing, and the Hot cutting outside the standard line leaves room for finishing, otherwise there will be smaller dimensions than the design drawings after finishing.

3, hot bending processing: We found that there are a lot of acrylic display rack is bent, which is the use of hot bending processing. The hot bending process must be performed with a hot bender. The hot bend is first placed on the hot bender and then softened on the hot bender, and then bent on the edge of the table. After the temperature of the acrylic is cooled, the angle is fixed as a bend. Shaped.

4, the process of drawing: processing acrylic display rack first need to saw the material, the plate sawing is good, straight is the most common cutting method. The cutting process is a straight cutting method. The ruler is placed on the sheet to be processed and cut. The edge of the ruler is coincident with the cutting line, and the ruler is fixed. This is a straight line. Use a hook knife to draw along the edge of the ruler to draw a fine groove on the plate. When the depth of the fine groove is about half the thickness of the acrylic plate, place the plexiglass plate on the edge of the table so that the narrow groove overlaps the edge of the table. Hold down the plate in the table, press the plate outside the table with the other hand and push it down. The plexiglass snaps neatly from the hooked position.

5, cutting processing: cutting processing is the use of lathe processing, when the processing dimensions of the acrylic display stand is very precise, you need to use lathe cutting, so as to ensure accurate dimensions. It is worth noting that the cutting process is to ensure that the tool is clean and free of debris, so as not to scratch the acrylic.


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