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How to judge the quality of plexiglass products

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The development of plexiglass in the Chinese market is relatively slow. We often use plexiglass display products, or handicrafts or some household items. Because of the limitations of domestic processing technology, it cannot be used in the construction of schools like foreign countries. The quality of the plexiglass plates on the market is uneven, and some businesses often cut corners or sell products with inferior plexiglass acrylic materials and sell them at high prices. Therefore, we must understand how to judge the quality of plexiglass products in order not to be deceived. (MAETOH) Acrylic customized to give you talk about how to judge the quality of organic glass products.

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First, look at the transparency of organic glass

Everyone knows that the transparency standard for organic glass is 92%, which is even more transparent than glass. The highly transparent plexiglass processed product is also very transparent after polishing, almost the same as the surface. So we must compare the transparency of organic glass.

Tips: In general, the Acrylic products we obtain from manufacturers or stores are protected papers. The transparency of plexiglass is controlled by the control light after peeling. The bluish and yellowish colors are synthesized with recycled materials and new materials. The transparency of the sheet material, which is all new materials, is very high.

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Second, look at the thickness of organic glass

People who often deal with acrylic products know that the finished products on the market generally have tolerances, and some businesses are cutting corners, while others are errors that are inevitable in machine cutting.

Tip: The better the plexiglass, the smaller the thickness tolerance, which can be determined according to their own needs. If it is to do some craft gifts, display racks, display supplies this does not need to be considered. But to do some lens panels, product accessories and other requirements of higher thickness must be in advance with the manufacturer to determine the relevant standards.

Third, see the plexiglass facial protection paper and brand identity

Tips: Whether you are a wholesaler or a self-employed person, it is recommended that you choose a regular manufacturer to order or purchase, select the current domestic relatively large-scale plexiglass acrylic manufacturer, a certain area of the industry to do a good factory. Because the materials used by powerful manufacturers are imported raw materials, domestic production.

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