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Acrylic Liquor Packaging Box Making Techniques

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A good product is inseparable from the exquisite packaging. For liquor, it is suitable for packaging with exquisite appearance, transparency and rich traditional Chinese culture. Acrylic is the most suitable material for the selection of white wine packaging. Acrylic material has high permeability, stability and good printability. Acrylic liquor packaging box can basically meet any customization requirements in processing.

Usually the production process of acrylic wine packaging box includes: cutting, hot bending, silk screen printing, engraving, splicing, etc. The specific production process different manufacturers have different requirements for the box, the production sequence is not the same, can be roughly divided For the production of boxes and bases.

A. The production process of the top of acrylic packaging box

1. Cut the acrylic sheet to the specified size.

2. The acrylic plate is subjected to hot bending to form a cuboid with an empty top and bottom.

3. After undergoing the hot bending process, the acrylic wine packaging box will appear more rounded as a whole. Finally, the corresponding acrylic sheet is cut according to the size of the top of the liquor box.

4. Bond the two together.

Two. Acrylic liquor box base production process

Part of the base of the acrylic wine packaging box is relatively cumbersome, and depending on the customization requirements, the production method is also very different. Most of the production processes such as engraving and screen printing are relatively complex, but the finished product of the liquor packaging box is very beautiful. The specific process is as follows:

1. Disassemble the effect diagram of the liquor box base and separate it into individual parts.

2. Place the cut acrylic sheet on the engraving machine and enter the corresponding pattern.

3. Carry out silk screen printing on the acrylic sheet and add the brand LOGO.

4. Splicing different parts of semi-finished products together.

Finally, place the acrylic box on the base. At this point, the acrylic liquor packaging box was completed.

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Acrylic liquor packaging boxes are mostly product packaging, used for high-end liquor display packaging. Acrylic packaging boxes have good translucency, are easy to process and have good chemical stability and are suitable for prolonged use. They are especially suitable for high-end liquor display, storage and collection. Display and so on. Second, the acrylic color classification is more easily processed into handicrafts, basically meet all the customization needs, can better highlight the characteristics of product culture, and have a certain role in product promotion and protection.

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