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Acrylic cosmetics display stand into the requirements of large shopping malls


Acrylic cosmetics display stand into the requirements of large shopping malls

Acrylic cosmetics display stand is an indispensable display props in cosmetics counters, and different shopping malls have various requirements for the cosmetics counters that are stationed. Among them, the display racks for cosmetics also make a series of clear regulations, in general, large What are the requirements for the cosmetics display stand in the mall?

First: the appearance of the cosmetics display stand should be beautiful

Most of the consumer groups of cosmetics are women-oriented, which is itself an industry that creates beauty, and it is necessary to bring consumers a pleasant and pleasant feeling. The first floor of the large-scale shopping mall is mostly a cosmetics counter, which represents the facade of a shopping mall. The beautiful appearance of the display rack will attract consumers' attention and attract more people to increase the sales volume of the entire mall.

Second: the material of the cosmetics display stand should be safe and environmentally friendly.

Because cosmetics are products that come into direct contact with the skin, be very careful. If the material of the display rack emits a bad smell or toxic gas, it may cause skin allergies, redness and the like to the consumers who use the product when mixed with the cosmetics displayed on the display stand, which is true for both the brand and the shopping mall. Great loss. Therefore, large shopping malls will require some special tests before the use of cosmetic display stands to protect consumers' rights.

Third: the originality of the cosmetics display rack is high


They don't want the display racks in their shopping malls to be similar to those in other shopping malls. Modern shopping malls tend to be personalized, and the original cosmetics exhibition racks are very important to the merchants. Therefore, the general business will go to a professional display rack production enterprise to customize, please professional design team to tailor it for yourself. MAEOTH is a display stand company with 13 years of experience in display stand customization. We have our own display stand production factory, which allows you to enjoy high-end customized quality cosmetics display stand at the cost of the factory.

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